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Career coaching along your own path.
Package Guide

Because the career coaching process should really be all about your desires, we offer various coaching packages to help you create your own career coaching path. When you choose to work with Staff Layoffs Coaching, you'll enjoy individualized consideration and unique solutions to discover your perfect professional course. The method is comprehensive and focuses you as a person, since your perfect path comes from you, the individual - not from some impersonal method imposed on you.

We'll help you attain your goals, identify the career that's best for you, and conquer the obstructions that hinder you reaching your professional dreams. By working with us, you'll realize how to remove poor habits, build up self-confidence in your talents and skills, and produce an path to attain your objectives.

Your coach will help you uncover your own methods to success, as well as provide you with the advantage of his or her knowledge and experience. Together you can establish the groundwork for a career you can enjoy indefinitely.
Fees range from $120 per session to $650 per month. Coaching programs are a minimum of 8 weeks and typically last 3 to 9 months. Additional coaching is available.

Career Coaching Sessions

Quick Start

This is a 90 minute session in which we get to the root of your professional goals. If you are trapped in your current situation and just need some help fleshing out your goals and some direction about how you might begin your path, this is the ideal solution.

Keep in mind that this is not a complete professional transition consultation due to time constraints. If you're looking for more in-depth assistance and custom-designed plans, we suggest the Build Your Own Path program.

One Jump Start Session

$225 for 90 minutes

Build Your Own Path

This is an all-inclusive program in which you discover your perfect career, generate your evolution arrangement, and learn how to achieve it.

Level One:

Includes three 90 minute sessions per month plus the Key 2 Success Career Workbook (a $50 value), phone and email access to your coach between sessions.

Level Two:

Includes three 60 minute sessions per month plus the Key 2 Success Career Workbook (a $50 value), and phone and email access to your coach between sessions. Contact us for more information.

Companion Career Coaching

Choose one of the Quick Start or Build Your Own Path options and split the charge of the program above with a friend. You and your friend share coaching appointments and split the regular coaching fee. Companion Coaching provides you with a responsibility associate who can inspire, challenge, motivate, and support you while you both work towards comparable goals. Working with a friend through coaching usually causes additional creative ideas and feedback that you do not receive on the individual level.
Staff Layoffs Coaching
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