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About Us
The best way to succeed in any challenge that arises is to surround yourself with Experts.

Staff Layoffs Coaching is an associated group of highly-experienced, like-minded career coaches who share an enthusiasm for people and their professional transformations. We are the largest and most comprehensive coaching site in the San Francisco Bay Area, so you can feel secure knowing that you will work with the most knowledgeable, skilled, and practiced coaches.

Staff Layoffs Coaching is one of a few coaching sites to receive high accolades from our clients, which recognizes the firm's knowledge and ability and "represents a way of doing business that places the client first."

We're unique because we allow you to choose the best coach for you, but also because we surround you with your own personal success team. Only Staff Layoffs Coaching encourages and allows you to make transitions from your regular Staff Layoffs coach to a session or two with a Staff Layoffs coach whose expertise might better suit your challenge of the moment -- and then back again, if that is what you need - it is really up to you to plan your own path. You simply won't find that freedom, or that power for change, anywhere else.

Our Coaches Coaching Specialty
Victor J. Career, Business, Executive Leadership
Ian S. Leadership, Career, Business
Karen B. Career, Life, Weight Loss
Russell Y. Career, Life, Spiritual
Jeni H. Business, Parenting, Success
Tiffany L. Career, Life, Transition
Jeramy S. Lawyer, Marketing, Career, Executive
Cassie G. Entrepreneur, Business, Career Assessment Tools
Staff Layoffs Coaching
Santa Clara, CA